Why Mini Soccer

Why mini-soccer?
The value of the Small-Sided Games programme is to provide children (6-11 years old)
with an opportunity to showcase their newly acquired skills and creativity. The
small-sided games model is an effective method for developing ball skills and game
awareness because it increases opportunities for players to have contact with the
ball and to both attack and defend without the tactical regimentation that can occur
in 11 v 11 football.

Competition is a central element in a player’s development. However a competitive
environment should not be a result-orientated environment. A competitive environment
at this level should encourage decisions from players and coach alike that focus on
performance rather than outcome (favouring ball skills and inventiveness).

Remember none of these children are professional football players. As such, they are
out there because they love the competition and the game of football. Let them have
fun and let the coaches do their jobs.

We would be grateful if all parents/ guardians do not coach from the sidelines and
please view games from the opposite side of the pitch from the coaches and inside
the designated spectator area.